Silicon carbide (SiC) is a next generation semiconductor material with the potential to revolutionize the power semiconductor industry, which is driven by fast growth in demand for energy-efficient high-performance power electronic systems.

Silicon carbide possesses unique material properties making it:

  • Withstand 10x higher voltages than conventional silicon,
  • Hard as diamond,
  • Have the same conductivity as copper, and
  • Radiation hard.


These properties allows the creation of superior semiconductor devices by use of SiC. Compared to conventional silicon devices, SiC devices are able to:

  • Reduce energy losses,
  • Handle very high currents and voltages,
  • Fit for high frequency operation,
  • Sustain high temperatures, and
  • Be smaller and lighter than silicon devices.

General issues with SiC power devices

SiC power devices are used in many applications but device reliability in higher voltage classes is still not satisfactory. Bipolar degradation is a cause of device failure.

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