6-inch n-type SiC

We provide BPD free 150mm diameter n-type Silicon Carbide substrates.

Please find the data sheet of our 6-inch n-type Silicon Carbide substrates here.

We have established a high volume production system running 24/7, operated by the company’s highly qualified personnel. The company’s proprietary process and related technologies are patented, and the production process has undergone an ISO-audit.

Product Features

The rocking curve

The FSGP-M growth system is designed for stress free growth. High resolution XRD over a large area reflects uniformity of material quality. In the ideal case no reflections take place at misplaced or disoriented crystal planes and a narrow and symmetric rocking curve is obtained. A full width at half maximum (FWHM) value of 12arcsec is obtained from FSGP-M grown material at the resolution level of the HRXRD tool (Philips).

No carbon inclusions

With perfect control of growth conditions carbon inclusions are avoided in the grown material.

No downfalls

Through accurate crucible design downfalls are avoided.

No carrot defects

By elimination of particles and by control of growth conditions the surface morphology and the step structure can be perfectly controlled all over the substrate during the entire growth session thereby can carrots be avoided.

No defects formed along scratches

Through adequate surface treatment defects formed along scratches are avoided.

Low stress

Stress inside the crystal pre- and post growth is avoided.

No planar defects formed

The dislocation behaviour is highly predictable and practically no planar defects are formed during growth.

No triangular stacking faults

Through perfectly controlled growth conditions all over the substrate during the entire growth triangular stacking faults are avoided.

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