6-inch diameter BPD-free n-type Silicon Carbide substrates

Our company offers superior quality, Basal Plane Dislocation (BPD) free silicon carbide substrates to the semiconductor industry. Made in Sweden to meet the ever-increasing global demands for high quality silicon carbide material.

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Key Product Features

Our substrates have:

  • A mirror-like surface
  • No carbon inclusions
  • No downfalls
  • No foreign polytype inclusions
  • Nearly no basal plane dislocations
  • No triangular stacking faults
  • No carrot defects
  • Micropipes <0.1 cm-2
  • Etch pit density <3’000 cm-2  on more than 86% of the area
  • Narrow rocking curve
  • Highly uniform resistivity in the range 19-21mΩcm
  • TTV   <6µm
  • Bow  <5µm
  • Warp <40µm
  • Edge exclusion <3mm

Our substrates are practically free of basal plane dislocations, which enables device makers to avoid BIPOLAR DEGRADATION.


n-type SiC

Kiselkarbid i Stockholm AB (“KISAB”) is a silicon carbide semiconductor material development and production company with operations in the tech hub of Sweden just north of Stockholm: Kista.

We are striving to be the most innovative provider of silicon carbide substrates, with the lowest defect densities, for use in power devices with the highest energy efficiency, highest power capability, lowest leakage current, and highest reliability on the market. It is our ambition to be the technology leader and we strive to define the future of the power electronics industry.

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